Array Mbira : Gothic Storm

Happily creating an album of ‘minimalist mbira’ for library label Gothic Storm, for their Minim imprint. Quite possibly straying into territory more familiar from my Another Fine Day work, it has to be said…

Award nomination for ‘Shopping’

Just heard the Apollo score for Layke Anderson’s ‘Shopping’ has been nominated for an award at the Liverpool International Film Festival… here’s the trailer

Shopping (2016) Trailer from Little Cricket Films on Vimeo.


Music for sleep…

Seems Max Richter has made this often derided genre of music rather hip … and it’s always good to have a client come back. Up until Christmas I shall be writing very quiet music indeed, for a label who commissioned similar material last year. An average of getting on for 200k plays on Spotify for each of those tracks seems to prove they’re on to something, I think. This time round it’ll be with definite overtones from Indian music, but sleep well to last year’s, in the meantime…

Shopping (short)

Very happy to announce that Shopping (score by Tom Green at Apollo) has been selected from 600 submissions for the second annual Pori Film Festival in Finland, Nov 23rd – 27th. The film will be shown at the festival main venue at the Culturehouse Annankatu 6, along with approximately 30 other films.


It’s been a busy summer back on the gig front, notably The Orb’s 25th anniversary show at the Electric, Brixton, and Another Fine Day at Latitude and the Kukemuru ambient festival in Estonia, where I’ve been experimenting with live improvisation on array mbiras, looping pedals, and ring modulation … and no laptop. Now back on the composing tip, two projects for RTE in the pipeline, and more library music for Altitude due…

Faber Music

Very glad to join the Faber Music family of composers for film and tv.

The ORB – 25th Anniversary gig, Brixton

Non – composing post … but nice news, all the same. I’ll be joining Alex P & the rest of the ‘original family’ for this one, on stage, 29th July, Electric Brixton.

Kaleidoscope @ Altitude Music

Glad to have contributed four tunes to this new album on the Altitude Music Library


A homage to Soho, and how it’s changing. Layke Anderson’s forthcoming film ‘Shopping‘, and a great pleasure it’s been to score it, too

Season’s Greetings…

and here’s a communication from my Another Fine Day alter ego

“… an audio-visual ‘christmas card’ to celebrate the winter solstice”

free download for the ’12 Days of Christmas’ (ie, until Jan 6th 2016) right here

Have a good one, one and all, best wishes for 2016″