“It’s been a pleasure to work with Tom, and I hope I will continue to work with him on future projects. His compositions breathe a whole other kind of magic into the images I send his way, and I’m continuously learning much from him.

Having sat with Tom as he puts finishing touches to compositions, I’ve seen that it’s as much about his own emotional investment and understanding in the story that adds that personal touch to make each feel truly cinematic.  ‘Happy Thoughts’ and ‘Shopping’ are both immersive and soaring compositions, each strong enough to stand on their own as stories themselves.

Not only has Tom turned my rather cryptic notes for each project into their own reality, but he has also invested hugely in capturing the heart of each moment, each gesture, and each backstory with exquisite attention to detail in both the explicit and subliminal sounds. Tom’s soundtracks are all at once beautiful, dark, light, thrilling, gentle, aggressive, sentimental, intoxicating and timeless.”

Layke Anderson, director ‘Dylan’s Room’, ‘Happy Thoughts‘, & ‘Shopping Little Cricket Films




I found Tom by putting a composition request out to tender. Tom’s initial ideas left me in no doubt that he was the person to go to and so my job was easy. The job was to score a documentary I’d been making for three years and I can only say that working with Tom turned out to be one of the most pleasurable aspects of that project. I found that Tom was able to interpret my sometimes less-than-articulate musical requests in a way that was very close to the mood and tone that I wanted. It helps that I really like the music Tom has provided independently of its use. Tom has a very neat combination of inventiveness, sensitivity and speed when it comes to the to and fro of the working relationship between director and composer.   

I’ve been back twice since for commercial TV projects and both times the quality of the work and relationship has been as good as the first time round. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Tom to anybody who is scoring for both commercial TV and personal work.”

 Barney Snow, director ‘The Zoo Next Door‘ and ‘Summer in  Blackpool‘, BBC1  barneysnow.com




“Tom has produced a number of custom soundtracks for my broadcast work; from primetime documentaries and travelogues to consumer magazines shows and major title sequences. He has also worked on the atmospheric music and sound design for some high profile immersive art installations which have been exhibited widely both nationally and internationally.

In all his work he is a consummate professional, delivering on time, on budget and totally on “vibe”. And it is this last skill, that of being able to pitch mood precisely and focus this understanding through his immense skill and knowledge of both the modern sound studio and of visual media itself that makes Tom Green, my first and only stop, for film and media music and sound design.”

David Bickley, director ‘Tracks & Trails‘, ‘Beyond the Dark Mountain‘ and many others for RTE1     Alchemy Electronic Arts