Tom Green began composing for television a good decade after establishing his recording career, co-writing on five albums by The Orb and releasing his first solo work as Another Fine Day. This history, both in electronica and world music (with Baka Beyond, Newanderthal, and Abdul Tejan Jalloh) has proved to be an asset for scoring many documentaries and factual series, clients so far including the BBC, Channel 4, RTE, Zigzag, and Cineflix, for whom he has composed styles ranging from trad jazz and orchestral music (‘The Zoo Next Door‘ BBC 1) to ‘silent film piano’ (‘Forever Ealing‘ Channel 4) and ‘Irish hybrid modern EDM’ (‘Tracks & Trails‘ RTE)

Representation for tv –


“…. I can only say that working with Tom turned out to be one of the most pleasurable aspects of that project. I found that Tom was able to interpret my sometimes less-than-articulate musical requests in a way that was very close to the mood and tone that I wanted… Tom has a very neat combination of inventiveness, sensitivity and speed when it comes to the to and fro of the working relationship between director and composer. …  I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Tom to anybody who is scoring for both commercial TV and personal work.” read more

 Barney Snow, director ‘The Zoo Next DoorandSummer in  Blackpool‘, BBC1


A selection of work can be viewed below 

The Zoo Next Door (edit) – documentary BBC1

dir- Barney Snow



Tracks & Trails (edit) – documentary series RTE1

dir- David Bickley

Sherwin Media


7 Wonders of Westport (edit) – documentary RTE1

dir – David Bickley

Alchemy Electronic Arts

Iranian Brides – documentary BBC1 Inside Out

dir- Amir Amirani

Amirani Films