quick update

… more tunes for music libraries (No Sheet Music and Altitude, links once they’re up)

….and working again with the award winning Layke Anderson on his new film, “Shopping”.

Which involves discussing philosophy… while buying a whip in a sex shop in Soho. As you do.

Layke’s last one, ‘Happy Thoughts’ has just picked up an award in Poland, also won Best Experimental at Tirana Film Festival, and Best Drama/Fantasy at Europ Film Awards.


A commission from the Ameritz label for 20 utterly relaxed tracks for their ‘ambient’ channel on Spotify. Do not take this medication while driving…

all quiet now…

… but that doesn’t mean not busy – now nearing completion and full release of 20 ‘ambient’ tunes for the Ameritz label. Some are appearing already on their Spotify compilations. Link shortly…

Our Place

Recently had the pleasure of scoring Johnny Howorth’s poignant short film about the lives of the travelling community, ‘Our Place’


a good place to be – remixed

… and herewith the remixes for the new Another Fine Day album ‘a good place to be‘, from Greg Hunter, Hibernation, Ishq, and Alucidnation, as well as AFD

New Another Fine Day album out on Interchill

In between commissions, I’ve been working away on something else. Here it is …


Some lovely feedback so far 🙂

…”21st Century ambience at its finest…”
…”subtle, engaging, pushing the envelope of innovation … very good…”
…”A true master piece that sounds both effortless, intricate and delicate at the same time…”
…”a beautifully rendered soundscape of subtle and sophisticated songs on the new jazz and ambient edge – a fine upgrade to any music aficionados life soundtrack…”
…”This album speaks to me on every level. Its mature, expertly-crafted musical gems exude inexhaustible listenability. Hooked.”

read here for full list of reviews :


No Sheet Music

Rather chuffed to be contributing sci fi film trailer music and further otherworldly noises to new, fresh, and definitely ’boutique’ music library No Sheet Music, purveyors of top end quality production music. Proper, and definitely no sheet.

You can hear it here, the track is ‘Tectonic Shift’


‘Bó’ wins RTS Award (Dublin)

The production team on ‘Bó’ (a student film for which Apollo supplied music) has just won the Royal Television Society’s Award (Factual) in Dublin.

Not bad going, Oisin Bickley! Here he is with the award, more details here


 and a sample from the soundtrack here

HUM production music

Very glad to have contributed some tunes to the fine HUM Production Music library – available here


Happy Thoughts review

“Happy Thoughts has a gritty modern grip that is both intelligent and beautiful, soaring with this absorbing score by Tom Green and gorgeous cinematography.”