Tom Green

Tom Green (aka Another Fine Day)

After a distinctly eye-opening (for him, as well as the audience) stage debut with cult post-punk outfit DUM DUM DUM in 1979 (where he poured beer over his Wasp synthesiser, thereby persuading it to self-generate sounds at random) Tom Green spent the early ‘80s playing keyboards with various artists including African guitar luminary Abdul Tee Jay, while also working with early computer music systems. These home-based experiments led directly into collaborating with ‘Dr’ Alex Paterson and a group of musicians and sound designers, on what became the seminal downtempo album of the early ‘90s, THE ORB ’s “Adventures Beyond The Ultraworld”. Tom went on to contribute tunes, beats, and various odd noises to a further four albums by the group, including the No 1 album “UF ORB”.

During this period Tom took occasional time out to work on his own project ANOTHER FINE DAY, first released in 1993 on the ambient dub label Beyond Records, and which took the ear of Big Chill founder Pete Lawrence, who booked him 15 times in a row for the Big Chill Festival. Tom remains one of the few artists who played at every single Big Chill up to 2010. Fans of ambient music voted the first AFD album LIFE BEFORE LAND to No 3 in THE INDEPENDENT’s chart of ‘Greatest Ambient Albums’ in 2007. A second AFD album SALVAGE was released on the San Francisco label SIX DEGREES in 2000, and the EP CHASING TORNADOS in 2004. MUSIC FOR MRI SCANNERS (as Tom Green), a commission for installation with a new MRI scanner complex in the Royal Infirmary, Bristol, UK, followed in 2007.

A hiatus followed, during which Tom worked on tv and film music, but in December 2011 Another Fine Day reappeared with the ‘Christmas card’ EP FIRELIGHT (offered free for the 12 days of Christmas), followed in short order by another commission, MUSIC FOR TAI CHI (as Tom Green) in Jan 2012. The latest release is a collection of short pieces from the Apollo Music cinematic archive, LOW TIDE (as Tom Green) in September 2012.

As well as further collaborations and remixes with THE ORB and others, Tom has co-produced two albums for BAKA BEYOND, Martin Cradick’s respected world music project, incorporating elements of singing and drumming from the forest people of Cameroon. He is also a member of nascent world music project NEWANDERTHAL, so far in preliminary stages but promising good things to come.

In the meantime Tom has continued to compose music for the media via his music production company APOLLO MUSIC, his clients including the BBC, CHANNEL 4, and RTE, and he contributes tracks to quality music libraries Atmosphere (now part of Universal music group), and Picture Lock (Accorder Music) 2007 brought him his first feature score, the comedy horror ‘BOTCHED’ - winner of BEST FEATURE and BEST ACTOR at the NYC Horror Film Festival in 2007. The album Erebus & Terror (with David Bickley) was recently featured on the soundtrack of the short film ‘DYLAN’S ROOM’, winner of BEST DRAMA at the Isle Of Wight film festival 2012.

A further Another Fine Day album – “A Good Place To Be” is due for release on the Interchill label in April 2015.


Tom’s work is usually published by Kaleidoscope Music Management and Publishing, in association with Faber Music.

© Tom Green 2012

5 responses to “Tom Green

  1. Fantastic stuff … extremely impressed with your website too … hope you’re going from strength to strength.
    Thumb piano on latest Taylors of Harrogate ad … hoping it’s you
    Having great fun finding gigs for local band The Mighty Septic Tank … gigging with Mark Radcliffe next May … all good stuff up here in Cheshire

  2. Tom….not sure if you wrote the response about the difficulty of curating “niche” music in for a recent Bob Lefsetz post….I am hoping it is you as I wanted to give you kudos for a right on, excellent response….needs reposting….if not you, my apologies

  3. Hi Tom…I was hoping you wrote that right on response to Bob Lefsetz this week regarding the difficulty of curating niche music in the “great disruption” called the music business….it was excellent and I wanted to give you kudos….if it is not you, my apologies…great web site either way….P

    • Hi Pat – yes, that was me, thanks for the message, much appreciated. Good old Bob, he does like to rattle the cage- but impressed that he put it in his list. You can’t say he doesn’t give all of us a chance to give it back to him, now and then, when he’s on one :) all the best to you, Tom (ps – go on, give us a link to your site if there is one ?)

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