Happy Thoughts review

“Happy Thoughts has a gritty modern grip that is both intelligent and beautiful, soaring with this absorbing score by Tom Green and gorgeous cinematography.”


new Another Fine Day release

Every now and then I take a break from media scoring to go off and do my own thing as Another Fine Day. New album should be out next year, but here’s a taster.

‘Walk Tall’ (Throwback Dub Mix) due for release on Interchill’s ‘Waypoint’ compilation, November 17th.

Happy Thoughts at Tirana FF

Happy to announce that the film has been selected for the international competition in the experimental category of the 12th edition of Tirana International Film Festival taking place in Albania this November.

Kitten & The Hip remixed by Another Fine Day

Yes, you may – possibly – have seen these folks getting jiggy with the dumb judges on X Factor recently (look it up, it was all over the press) but before all that happened they invited me to do a remix, and hell, why not ? Yes, it’s got a vocal on. No, it isn’t ‘ambient’. But hey, be brave, explore new territory… it’s a slice of fun, enjoy ;)

Happy Thoughts @ SF Shorts

Happy Thoughts will be landing on the West Coast in October, screening at the historic Roxie Theater as part of the San Francisco International Festival of Short Films.



Some scenes here

Director Reel from Little Cricket on Vimeo.

Robin Williams & Koko


Reminded, of course, that many moons ago I licensed “Irish in China” (from the album ‘Salvage’ by Another Fine Day) to the Gorilla Foundation for use in this sweet, sweet, video. Still Have the T shirt they sent to say thanks. I’m sure they’d appreciate a little help to keep up the good work.

Happy Thoughts

Just scored the next film – “Happy Thoughts” –  from Layke Anderson (director) and Jean-Paul Berthoin (DP) of Little Cricket Films, who made the awarding-winning Dylan’s Room (see previous post) Fingers crossed this one hits the spot as well – further info at the FB page below https://www.facebook.com/happythoughtsfilm

                     Happy Thoughts pic

Happy Thoughts (2014) Trailer from Little Cricket on Vimeo.